Coptic Scouts is a religious, educational, and nonprofit organization, which exists to strengthen and develop Coptic youth skills through service and spiritual growth. Coptic Scouts offers a fundamental method of enriching our youth in their love for Coptic Church and Jesus Christ our lord.

We offer three main classes in our Coptic Scouts program: Cub Scouts, Arrow of Light, and Scouts. Each class offers different method to prepare our youth to grow in their responsibility in service and love for the church. To learn more about the various classes we offer please visit the class webpage for more information, curriculum and teaching materials.


Cub Scouts lets kids have fun while teaching them skills that will help become better servants in the house of God. Learn more about Cub Scouts…


Arrow of Light class or the Advanced Cub Scouts class was designed to help advanced cub scouts learn more advanced skills to help them grow faster in the Scouts class. Learn more about the Arrow of Light class…


Scouts explore their interests and improve their skills while working toward Scouting’s highest rank: Eagle. Learn more about Cub Scouts…


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Coptic Scouts is a nonprofit, educational association, which exists to foster the development and growth of our youth. Coptic Scouts serves to teach young individuals the values of the Coptic Church and the Holy Bible, discipline, altruism, and service and to further increase their awareness of their Coptic heritage and Christian Orthodox values.

Coptic Scouts is a joint effort of Coptic Orthodox Church and Boy Scouts of America, and is open to children (both boys and girls) over the age of 7 or going to 4th grade.

Scouts Oath

I promise with all my honor, to do all I can to pay my duty to God
and the queen, St. Mary, and to help people at all times and obey the scout’s law.


The Coptic Scouts Newsletter is an initiative to use our youths' talents, creativity, and team work.
All newsletters and sections presented are fully developed and created by our wonderful scouts.
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